Katie Thompson "Queen Katie T"–  #1    51kg New Zealand Boxer 


"Amanda cannot be faulted as a nutritionist. She caters to my nutritional needs and goals, all I have to do to get results, is to follow her plan. She's extremely professional and experienced in her field of work. That alone has made it easy to trust her from the very beginning. Amanda will tell you how it is but is considerate and remembers that you're also a human being, not just a client. She has a holistic understanding of what an athlete needs to perform at their best and I fully believe that that's why she is so good at what she does".

Nicole  – Health & Sports Nutrition Client


"5 years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease since seeing Amanda over the past two years she has changed my life. I have dropped over 10kg, lost over 10% body-fat and for the first time in my life I have been pain-free for nearly a whole year now. She changed my eating habits; we identified the foods that don't work with my body and eliminated them from my diet. After she educated me about what foods my body agreed and disagreed with, my medication dosage has decreased, and I feel fitter, healthier and happier than ever. Not only has she helped with my medical illness but she also helped me reach my fitness goals with sports nutrition. Playing top level hockey, regularly visiting the gym and over the last year competing in my first bodybuilding and Crossfit competitions, Amanda has always worked my nutrition allowing me to always have enough fuel and energy to give 100%.


The meal plans are suited to personal tastes, flexibility and cost effective eating. I will never look to another nutritionist as Amanda has changed my life and helped me to reach goals I never thought were possible. She provides endless support, and her knowledge of nutrition is incredible. I can not thank her enough!"

Lucia – Performance Sport & Nutrition Client


"Amanda was recommended to me at a time when I was looking for someone who took everything into consideration with their clients, from general wellbeing (including hormones and thyroid health), to optimum performance as an athlete. 


As a competitor who partakes in fitness competitions, as well as an athlete that races motocross, and a woman whose health is of utmost importance to me, I trust Amanda completely with my nutrition and training.


Her extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to high-performance sport; bodybuilding and general health is evident in the results we have accomplished together.  Amanda is willing to share her knowledge with me and is someone I can completely count on for support."

Erin Cummings - Actress

"Amanda Foubister has been pivotal in preparing and maintaining my body - and mind for a gruelling schedule and physical lifestyle. As my personal trainer, friend and nutritionist. 


Amanda is now my stunt and horse-riding double on the set of Spartacus. Her presence on-set and help in preparing for fight scenes, along with her general dedication and concern, has been a huge support".

Andrew, Weight loss & Healthy Lifestyle Client 

"I first started seeing Amanda about 3 months ago after having consistently high cholesterol levels. The recommendation from my doctor was to start taking cholesterol reducing statins. I made a decision not to start taking the medication, instead I wanted reduce my cholesterol levels through diet and exercise. 


With the guidance and support of Amanda along with a change in lifestyle I have managed to reduce my cholesterol and visceral fat levels to below the healthy level and drop around 20 years off my metabolic age".

Shaun Wilton - Personal Trainer,  Strength & Conditioning Program & Nutrition Client

"Amanda Foubister is what I call an absolute professional. Her nutritional advice is second to none. Amanda was pivotal in helping me reach my health and fitness goals. She provides nutritional advice that is easy to follow and fits in nicely with anyone’s busy lifestyle. 


Amanda has a fantastic knowledge base and has a personality that automatically makes you feel at ease and feel comfortable to ask any questions. 


I would recommend anyone to use Amanda’s nutrition services if they are looking at making changes to their lifestyle".

Jo Lumsden - Personal Trainer, Nutrition Client 

“I'm so pleased I found Amanda!  Her expert nurtition and supplement knowledge has recovered me from the grips of adrenal fatigue and helped my energy to skyrocket.


Not only was my food plan 100% tailored to me, but it has balanced hormones, improved digestion, increased my energy to be able to train with more intensity and allowed me to reach my body composition goals. 


Her support and expert knowledge is unexcelled - I just wish I had found her sooner!"

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