Amanda has proven success with progressive nutrition therapy approaches for management of chrons, sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, digestive dysfunction, normalising blood pressure and cholesterol, fatigue, diabetes, hormone imbalances for both men and women, osteoporosis, arthritis, celiac disease, PCOS, endometriosis, and IBS. 

Amanda's approach is to indentify to the underlying cause of your symptoms or conditions rather than just treat the symptoms. This helps to bring relief from pain and discomfort. Her approach is based on scientifically sound nutrition principles, education, and personal clinical experience.


- IBD 


- Gallstones



Many factors can influence the digestive system.  Hormones, pH levels, bacterial conditions play a pivotal role in digestive system health. 
Diseases of the digestive system can also infer with the digestion and absorption of nutrients.  Amanda takes this into consideration when designing your meal plans - at times it can be as simple as following a Low FODMAP diet, and for others, it could be going through a journey of elimination.  No matter what the process is Amanda always supports your journey. 

- Diabetes/Pre-Diabetes

- Thyriod Health

- PCOS /Endometriosis

- Metabolic Syndrome



Endocrine and metabolic diseases span a vast range of conditions.
Together, they affect many millions of people and can profoundly decrease the quality of life. And management can be challenging!
The hormones released into the bloodstream by the endocrine glands help regulate many variables when these hormones are disrupted.  


If your hormone levels are too high or too low, Amanda will work with you to design a meal plan that will ensure you get the right amount of nutrients to help maintain your endocrine system.

- Cholesterol

- Triglycerides

- Blood pressure

- CHD​​



Lifestyle factors, including nutrition, play a significant role in the cause of cardiovascular disease.


Amanda incorporates various dietary patterns, educates you on individual food items, and nutritional supplements in the prevention and improvement of cardiovascular health.


Amanda believes once you understand why and how certain foods and lifestyle habits affect you the easier it is to make the change. 



- Food allergies / intolerances

- Arthritis

- Lupus

- Eczema

When everything goes right, your body’s immune response is a marvelous defense system. But, when the immune response is flawed, it is hard for your body to distinguish between foods that are nourishing your body  vs. irritating your body.  

Amanda will work with you to formulate meal plans that help you reach your body composition goals combined with foods that may help relieve some of the symptoms that are causing you discomfort. 

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